— At Studio Volbloed, we take care of you and your imagery. A clear and structured workflow helps us to achieve that. This is what you can expect if you book us for a shoot.



Rather then just starting straight away, we want to pick your brain so we can iterate on a moodboard. Once final, this collection of ideas will be the blueprint to capture the right look and feel for your imagery.



Depending on the size and nature of the project, we go over a checklist of things that need to be dealt with to ensure smooth sailing during the shoot. E.g: Is there enough space to set up our mobile photostudio. What timeslots are available per model? Which clothing is required? If the location is outside, what will the weather be like? Who is the main contact person? Is there a table to prepare the make-up? ...


Day of the shoot

Before the models come in, we set up shop and prepare the lighting, make-up and location. Once everything is in place, the models are styled and made ready according to the given timeslots. If prepared well, we can maintain a high tempo without sacrificing quality. After styling, you are ready to shine. Individual portraits are made and if required, the result can be previewed on the spot to make a rough selection. After the shoot, it is time to pack our bags, clean the space and go back to our HQ...


Processing the images

We make a carefully considered selection that fits the initial briefing where the images can be used separate or as a set.

High resolution images are delivered via WeTransfer. If needed we downsample a separate set to be used for social media or other online purposes.

Studio Volbloed — a little but lean collective

We are Faye Pynaert and Eline Deblauwe, photographer and make-up artist. Together, we are commited in delivering the right imagery that suits your business. Need Portraits, Projects images or a Reportage? We would love to hear from you.

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